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The Medix System

The 4 stages: From our hands to yours

Stage 1


Using organic farming techniques, hemp is grown and harvested from the finest farms in the beautiful state of Kentucky.

Stage 2


Our CBD is extracted via the CO2 method which uses pressurized carbon dioxide to pull cannabidiol from hemp.

Stage 3


From process to packaging to delivery, our streamline system of production is fast, efficient, clean and reliable.

Stage 4


Enjoy the benefits of natural relief! Just remember, do not consume any products if the safety seal is missing or broken.

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Our customers are saying


I have to admit, I was not expecting much if any positive change… After taking a few drops of the 100mg oil, I felt the difference. Even though it was an intense and busy day at work I felt a sense of calm within me. I was absolutely blown away, collected and focused!!!

Britt Y

This was my first time trying CBG gummies and they have done wonders. They have helped me relax to get rid of a migraine quicker, half of one helps me focus. It's great.

Steven Brooks

I'm a lifetime insomniac. Sometimes I go 3 days or more with no sleep at all. I've been using CBD oil for about four months. It works better than Ambien without the side effects. No kidding. It works best when I'm not seriously short of sleep. It also works faster than Ambien. I don't get the pain relief others seem to get.


I was really hesitant on trying these but I gave it a shot and it really works! I have ptsd/ severe anxiety and this has help me feelin relaxed! I took some when I went on the plane and it made me so calm and not nerve wrecking at all. This was so worth it! I highly recommend!

Why Choose Medix Wellness?

Here at Medix, we are on a mission to change the way people view natural medicine by providing the best quality CBD & hemp products available on the market. Our customers love and trust our products because they share the vision we believe in.

Our vast product line consisting of delicious CBD gummies, premium CBD oilsCBD vape oil, relieving CBD cream, and CBD oil for dogs – is manufactured in the U.S using only the purest extracts from our farms in the beautiful state of Kentucky. Our entire product line is tested by third-party labs to ensure the purest quality. Finally, all of our CBD products are infused with CBD derived from hemp. Our CBD is extracted using industry leading techniques perfecting the CO2 extraction method.

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Why Choose Medix Wellness?

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